Marriages at St Mary MacKillop Parish

Marriages at St Mary MacKillop Parish
Photo: Used with permission.

The Clergy of the Parish are available to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage at St Mary MacKillop Church, Oran Park, and, depending on their availability, to celebrate the Sacrament at Mater Dei Chapel, Camden.

The Parish Clergy are unable to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage at other churches, including St Mary Mother of God, Leppington, or at reception centres or outdoor venues.

Preparing for a Catholic Wedding

It is important that couples give at least six months’ notice to the officiating priest/deacon and ensure the date/time they have chosen for their wedding ceremony is booked in with the parish before speaking to function centres and other wedding suppliers.

In our parish, along with the CatholicCare Marriage Preparation Course, we encourage couples to prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage through the ‘SmartLoving Engaged’ marriage preparation program. This course will equip you with practical tools from contemporary relationship science, as well as assisting your celebrant in preparing you spiritually to enter the Sacrament of Matrimony. As it can get very busy in the weeks before the wedding, you should start this course as soon as possible.

In our Parish, the following courses are available:

SmartLoving Engaged: Online Marriage Preparation – Consisting of 9 lessons, you progress through the course at your own pace, doing the couple activities as you go. There is an option for a married Sponsor Couple from your community to accompany you through the course. 

SmartLoving Engaged is suitable for all couples preparing for marriage in the Catholic Church, especially those who are a long-distance couple, frequent travellers, shift workers, or have caring commitments.


At your first meeting with the parish clergy, you will be asked to bring the following documents (originals are required) so that the required government and church paperwork can be prepared:

  1. Birth Certificate – Available from Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  2. Baptism Certificate – A copy issued within the previous six months, available from the parish where you were baptised.
  3. If either party has been married before:
    1. Death certificate of former spouse or
    2. Decree of Nullity (from the Catholic Marriage tribunal) AND a Civil Divorce Decree.
  4. Drivers Licenses (or passports) as photo ID is required.


Permission can be given for a Catholic to marry someone who is not a Catholic, provided that the Catholic promises to safeguard his/her own Catholic faith and to do all in his/her power to have the children of the marriage baptised and brought up as Catholic. The partner who is not a Catholic is not required to make any promises but is informed of the expectations the Church has of the Catholic partner.


Marriage is a living thing. It needs nourishment if it is to grow and develop over a couple’s lifetime. No matter how many years you’ve been married, there’s always something new to discover! Below are some suggestions for you to explore:

  • SmartLoving Newlywed Date Nights: Starting out in marriage is an exciting time. It’s also a critical time for establishing rituals and habits that will become the bedrock of a thriving relationship. Newlywed Date Nights will help you do just that!

  • SmartLoving The Marriage Kit: Investing in your marriage is a life-long commitment. Now, it’s easier than ever to access world-class marriage formation from your home that is practical and engaging. This online course of 5 lessons is tailored to couples seeking a lasting, passionate relationship.

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The Catholic church encourages all married couples to consciously and responsibly plan their families according to principles of generosity, openness to life, prudence and trust in God’s provision.

  • SmartLoving Fertility Online Course: Based on the Sympto-Thermal method, the course incorporates scientific insights, relationship frameworks and Catholic Theology. It is included free with registration in SmartLoving Engaged. Individual coaching is also available.

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Looking for ideas and support in raising your children in the Catholic faith? Check out these resources:

  • CathFamily: An online database dedicated to assisting families in making the home the living heart of the church. Resources include printable handouts, craft activities, games, drama, recipes and prayer rituals celebrating the seasonal feasts and Catholic culture.

If you have any further questions about booking a marriage in the parish, please contact the Parish Office, via email or ph. 4648 2226 from Monday - Friday between 9am – 1pm.